league of legends
How to and players guide


Pick your game

Choose any of the upcoming games you would like to play from your dashboard.


step 2
More or Less

2 or more players are listed within each game. Make your pick on which player result with more or less of the listed stat line.


Choose buy-in amount

Enter your dollar amount you would like to put down and click submit to finalize your entry into the contest.

Enter as many games as you would like. Each game you prop game you enter will be listed on your dashboard.

You can watch the action live on our Twitch channel once the matches start.


league of legends - gaming faqs

We offer player props based on Kills, Assists, and Fantasy points.

Kills are awarded to the player who secures the kill on the enemy player controlled champion. Assists are awarded to other players on the team who helped secure the kill.

League of Legends Fantasy Scoring:

Kills = 3
Assists = 2
Deaths = -1
Creep Score = 0.02

Killing enemy teams minions, or defeating monster camps in the jungle award creep score. will be hosting select games, otherwise, we will have a link to the game on your live scoring page.

There is a scoreboard on the screen for most of the game displaying the players stat lines. The numbers mean the following: Kills/Deaths/ Assists - Creep score



Players have their team names and username above their health bars.